not very talented at light painting. but you get the sentiment.



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  1. welcome to the world of lightpainting,
    this one looks so cool.

    it feels so great to find lightpainters fron india here in this world of wordpress.

    if you get time then do check my blog here,

    happy shooting.

    and yea b’lated happy diwali.

    • thank you! this diwali was the first where i had a camera, and instead of patakhas, i was doing this (better na!)
      and for the first attempt, harry potter seemed appropriate! 😀

      • oh great !
        i guess that’s the reason why the crackers market were down this year.
        I’ve been doing the same since last 3-4 years,

        yea a good first try and i know this is not the last, coz making lightpaintings is something different, you dont just make them you FEEL THEM.

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