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  1. i was going through the reader, saw this, i liked the pic so i liked it, and viola !
    found you again.
    specially loved the tweaking done in this pic, and yea the concept !

  2. i love this picture. i like to try new things out with my camera and would love to know how to do such photography. akash.moments

  3. Hey Sowmya,
    interesting picture yaar !!! Can you write something about this picture , really guess-less about those hands and legs on glass. Amazing.

    • thanks! 😀
      this image is created by superimposing many images on Photoshop. If you want to learn, you can e mail me.
      The pictures were taken when i was interning in brugge last fall. My friend, who was in leuven at that time had come to visit. So it was just us girls out in city on the weekend. The picture here was intended to show the fun we had. 😀

  4. ciao sowmya! I am an Italian writer, cartoonist and Primary School teacher. I have seen your fantastic photo (brugge) and I love it. Can I use this photo on my blog (with your name, naturally)? Compliments for your work and my best regards…
    from Rome

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